Introduction on the resource

The ‘Mind Your Head’ programme originated from a need recognised by the Youth services in Gurranabraher, (on the north side of Cork city), where issues around mental health and self-harm had been brought up by young people attending the youth centre. This programme was written and compiled by a youth worker and a community health worker. This is a resource for exploring mental health issues with young people. It is designed specifically for
youth workers, youth leaders, peer educators, and others working with young people. It is made in an accessible format that we hope makes it easy to use and photocopy.
The programme is very much about giving the young people space and time to explore and talk about their concerns and opinions on mental health. It also highlights tools and supports to help them cope and deal with issues that can have a negative affect on their mental health.
The programme was created with a moderate to low budget as this allows others to follow our programme session by session without needing major funding to do so. The information, activities and exercises used come from a variety of sources and various training days. We hope that the layout of the session plans and the style used make them accessible and easy for Youth Workers and others to use.
The contents of this resource has been largely informed and influenced by the young people we have worked with. We have included their feedback and responses from the evaluations to give insight into how they found the programme. The poster designs and messages about mental health that you see throughout the resource are from many of the young people who have taken part in the ‘Mind your Head’ programme.


To be used with Session 9 of the Mind Your Head Resource

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